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We are one of the Top Restaurants in Portugal? ūü§Į

We feel insanely honoured to have been voted into the Prémios do Mesa Marcada 2020 (which was announced Jan 2021).

After Arkhe and Senhor Uva, we sit at:

Top 3 Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants (and the only vegan restaurant listed)

Top 125 Restaurants in Portugal!!!

O Gambuzino sits at #123. It might not seem like much, however for Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants to be making the list is really fantastic!

When we received the news it was the first time we had heard of the prémios. The news came during lockdown, while we stood in much confusion of our future. It has certainly been a big motivation to keep going through this time. We thank you all for your support since we first opened.

At the moment, we aren't quite sure what else to do with this cool information. We'll keep doing our best to be creative with our food, while keeping it delicious and comforting. and contributing to making vegan food more accessible and undeniable to all.

Any thoughts/idea/feedback don't hesitate to talk to us :)

218 863 231


Os Gambuzinos



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