A gift that keeps on giving! 


Grow a baby booch into a big mumma with all the equip you need + instructions and advice written by our resident booch specialist (in both PT & ENG).




  • 1 baby booch in a reuseable jar
  • 21g of chá preto dos Açores (orange pekoe “Gorreana” bio)
  • 21g of chá verde dos Açores (“Gorreana” bio)
  • Large 1.8L jar 
  • Instructions in both Portuguese & English
  • Covering cloth & elastic ribbon to secure

You just need sugar and water. 
Includes enough organic tea to make 6L of Kombucha. 

Kombucha Starter Kit


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    "We spent our childhood looking for gambuzinos. We searched, with sticks and sacks, behind each bush and every alley. 

    After all these years, I've found their hiding place, it’s full of them."