Pre-Order now! Currently there is up to a 5 day wait to pick up your kimchi once ordered, however we will let you know as soon as your jar will be ready for pickup. 


500ml in a reuseable jar ready for you to gift or take home to enjoy!

If you're local, return with your jar to refill with kimchi for just 5€ (best to contact us prior to your arrival so we can confirm there is enough stock).



vegan & s/gluten



Ingredientes: Couve, alho, gengibre, cebola, pimento vermelho, sal, flocos de malagueta, pasta de soja fermentada, shitake, pêra rocha, cenoura, farinha de alga ‘fava do mar’, farinha de arroz


Contém culturas de leveduras e bactérias vivas probióticas

Não pasteurizado

Manter refrigerado entre 2 e 8°C



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    "We spent our childhood looking for gambuzinos. We searched, with sticks and sacks, behind each bush and every alley. 

    After all these years, I've found their hiding place, it’s full of them."