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LIVE on BoltFood

As well as being available on UberEats, we are recently on Bolt Food!

There are NO DELIVERY FEES with BoltFood until April 🙌 🙌

and, we have started you off with some offers:

2por1 Caril da Selva 🍛

2por1 Mousse da Chocolate Belga e Amêndoa 🍫

20% off all Burgers 🍔

Similar discounts are also available on UberEats.

Be sure to try the new takeaway & delivery exclusive dishes while you still can as we aren't sure how long we will keep them up once we re-open.


If you use UberEats PLEASE use this link to make the order. It helps us save a little on commissions but it's all processed the normal way and you have access to all of the same offers running.

If it's your first time using UberEats, be sure to use the code eats-monicag16854ue when you download the app for 10€ off your first order!

Don't forget you can also order from us privately at normal restaurant prices or the uber offer price, whatever is cheapest at the time. Our current opening hours are 18:30-22:30 Tue-Sat.

We are currently working on an ordering system through our website with an integrated payment and delivery service. The reason is to provide cheaper prices to you and reach all the way to places you have been asking for such as Alcantara, Benfica, Marvila. Will keep you updated!



Os Gambuzinos


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