'Behind each 

bush hides 

a gambuzino...' 

Where is O Gambuzino?

Rua dos Anjos 5A, Intendente, Arroios, Lisboa 1150-032 


O Gambuzino is a 100% plant based Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal. The perfect place for petiscos, dinner & cocktails.

With a respectful approach to the environment and our bodies in mind, we opened this space to be a home for tasty food, replenishing drinks and good times.


All pickles, preserves, dips and marinades are made here, and we utilize the 'Ugly Fruit' Coop and locally sourced suppliers as much as possible. On the board you’ll find the day’s creations.

We hope you enjoy the space and that you can make it your place to be.




We warmly welcome walk-ins!​
For groups of more than 6 we appreciate a booking. 
Our preference is if you can callemail or use the form above to make your reservation
For groups of 8 or more we highly recommend making a reservation. For groups of 12 or more we require a set menu to be taken. This is so we can ensure your time with us runs smoothly and to not create delays for our other customers. Set Menus are available for groups of 4+.   




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Rua dos Anjos 5A, Intendente - Lisboa 1150-032                          218 863 231                         hello@ogambuzino.com

"We spent our childhood looking for gambuzinos. We searched, with sticks and sacks, behind each bush and every alley. 

After all these years, I've found their hiding place, it’s full of them."